• Linda Blackmer

Write Your Story

Do you feel at times you need to talk to someone, and when you do, you feel unheard and worse before you opened up? Does your story continue to follow you, wanting and needing expression? When you can’t find that trusted other, do you sink into a depression with uncontrollable emotions coursing through your body? Is there a family secret, a loss, a bizarreness in your family you know is not right? If any of these rings true for you, then I say—write your story.

I have wanted to tell my story to the world for a long time. What kept me from doing so was fear. Fear of exposure, fear of vulnerability, fear of being turned away from those I hold dear. Yet, what encouraged me to share the story is when the lies and secrets came out, I was angry at adults who did not care for the child. The sense of righting a wrong, taking care of my inner child and allowing her to be heard became my mission.

There are benefits to telling your story for others to read. For one, many people who you may not know need your wisdom and hope for surviving their story. We get to help others. Somewhere, out there, your words of wisdom and hope can help someone else.

Another reason to write your story is once it is done, the need to share with others is also done. A deep healing takes place once we can get the pain, bizarreness, secrets and abuse out on paper. The effects of our traumas may remain, but the desire to be heard is complete. Just point people to your story or book when you need to tell the story.

Writing your story is a journey worth taking. May you find peace and healing as the story of you comes out.


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